2nd Graders, Greeks in Dortmund


What does immigrant mean? What is the meaning of homeland and what is our homeland? What do I like about Germany? What do I miss from Greece?
These and other similar questions are explored by the second-grade children of the Greek Primary School of Dortmund in their radio show entitled 2nd Graders, Greeks in Dortmund, trying to illuminate an important part of their identity.

Listen to our radio show on our beloved European School Radio on Wednesday, 19/6/2024 at 10:00 am CEST and see how simply and naturally they adopt the identity of the citizen of the world, keeping at the same time the beauty of the places of their origin and their residence and making themselves comfortable under their “own” sky.

Isn’t the child’s gaze the purest?
The songs of the radio show were chosen by the children and their teacher. The song Das Wochentagelied was taught by Mrs. Goni Souvatzi, our German language teacher.


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