Podcasts or Radio shows?


New platform New features!!!

We, the dedicated radio broadcasters of European School Radio, are really excited for all those new features that are at the tip of our fingers!!!
That’s why we are launching a new blog section with some clever and informative “Tips and Hints”. In this section we will try  to introduce you to all these tools that we have integrated into the new platform and which has make it more social and user friendly than ever!!!
Soon the mobile app will also be activated! This will literally make our beloved radio one of our favorite social networking app!!!

Let’s dig into the new features!

Did you know that one of the most basic features of our platform is not only the upload or emmission of radio shows, which you have been doing until now, but also the posting of podcasts?
Someone might ask: what are podcasts and how can we use them with our students?
To help you clear things out, we have prepared and posted on our website a very interesting and informative presentation : “We learn about Podcasts and Radio Shows” (A summary of their differences can be found in the heading’s photo)

And since the above mentioned presentation is in Greek, for our English speaking friends we have a series of educational podcasts called “A podcast for podcasts” in which you can hear everything you want to know about implementing podcasting in your class

So, what will you choose to upload this year? Podcasts, Radio Shows or both?  Tell us your opinion! We will be happy to see a lively discussion going on here!
We are looking forward to learning from your experiences and good practices!

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