Radio action “Surf safe through Web Radio Wave”


The online radio station European School Radio, in collaboration with the Regional Thematic Network for Internet Safety (, invites you to actively participate in a new radio initiative dedicated to Safer Internet Day 2024 titled:

“Surf Safe through Web Radio Wave”!

🔐 Technology is part of our daily lives, but security must always be a priority. Whether as consumers or as producers and content creators from a very young age, we need to be aware of what to watch out for. Information is incredibly vast, and there are many risks as well. Are you sure you know them all? Get ready for an exploration of internet safety and create original radio messages with your school. Student submissions will be accepted by European School Radio until February 4th, so that we can organize the material and broadcast it on the radio program on February 6th, which will feature thematic productions as part of Internet Safety Day.

Submission Instructions

Initially, register by following the Participation Guide.

Next, from the “Podcast/Radio” menu, choose “Create a show/podcast.” Select “Show” and set the production type as “Safer Internet Day”

This initiative will be competitive, and we will reward schools that participated, highlighting the best, most creative, and successful efforts!


  • 30-second radio message

“They may include brief instructions for online safety. The short radio messages will compose a series of episodes, featuring a distinctive signal at the beginning, and will be able to inform listeners about Internet Safety.”

Here are some examples from the Experimental High School of Patras


electronic payments


3-minute radio message

  • Interviews: Experts from invited experts who speak about internet safety.
  • Panel: The presenters (2 or more speakers) cover different perspectives on internet safety through a brief and focused discussion.
  • Audio Drama: Students as actors take on roles and, through theatrical dialogue, highlight various aspects of the topic.


Also, you can plan and develop a long-format radio show (half or one hour) and schedule it to be broadcast on February 6, 2024. It could serve as a comprehensive report on Internet Safety and the risks young individuals face, starting from an early age, as content creators on social media platforms.

Below, you can find our clever tips for creating successful radio messages

Choose brief slogans
  • “Surf Freely – Click Everything?”
  • “Your Digital Data? Safe is up to You”
Advise the listeners on safe internet browsing
  • “Listen to our story on how to keep your personal information secure online.”
  • “Take Control: Learn how to adjust your privacy settings.”
Communicate it with humor

Do you want to convey something important, something you think they should pay attention to? But how? Unleash your imagination, think creatively, and make the listeners smile. Play with the internet and digital world terminology, and use them cleverly in everyday speech. Or, you can create a fictional hero who will narrate your story… It might sound funny or not serious, but believe us. This will stick with them!”

Tune in with us to explore the digital world, have fun, and Surf Safe through the Web Radio Wave of European School Radio…🔒💻🌈

Info: Eftychia Touliou, +30 2310 013 735

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