Welcome to European School Radio

The European School Radio is the largest radio & podcasting community in schools in Europe! The voice of young people is heard through productions created through the educational process and broadcast on the only collective student radio station and Social Media for school radio.


Are you a teacher?

You can register, create your school page, approve students as Community members who want to connect to your school page, schedule and send your radio shows to be heard on the European radio program School Radio in the radio player, create podcast series, share the content, interact with other Members, search for Members with common interests to develop collaborations and co-produce either podcasts or radio shows. One of the very important possibilities with the teacher’s role is to make blog posts in the Community promoting the shows/podcasts or promoting any other related activities but also to upload educational content to the Resource Hub. Some of you have developed educational scenarios and implemented teaching practices with radio as an educational tool, and that’s why we think it’s important to keep it dynamic and see that the Resource Repository is regularly enriched with your material! You can also upload interactive learning objects created through e-me content through H5P to the Resource Hub.



Are you a student?

Find a teacher from your school who will be responsible for the content uploaded to your school account. Register and once your school teacher approves you, you will be able to actively participate in the Community, listen to other students’ podcasts, create your favorite playlists, and be active in the Community environment, on the Public Wall, following users, etc. You can still create your own podcasts through a special feature in the mobile app, directly through European School Radio.



Αs visitors

Are you parents, friends, members of the wider school or local community of a school that uploads shows or podcasts, friends of radio in general, or other partners? You can discover the rich archive of radio shows and Podcasts, listen, follow your favorite producers, but also interact with other users! through the Community environment which includes Wall, Groups, Forum etc. You can also discover and leverage the interesting educational content found in the Resource Hub.