Multiplier Event at Teachers’ Training Center «Juan de Lanuza»


On June 6th, several teachers from CEIP LOS ALBARES went to the Juan de Lanuza Teachers’ Training Center to present and publicize their participation in the European Social Radio 2.0 Project. The main objective of this project is to promote social change using the radio waves as a means of dissemination and the students themselves as agents of change. To support this ambitious goal, an application has been created that allows the storage of a large bank of resources with pedagogical ideas about how to combine the theme of active citizenship in our classes and the creation of podcasts.

The different teacher speakers explained to us what the project consisted of and the structure of the didactic proposals created among all the participating entities. These started from a motivating phase, in which students were encouraged to make contact with the social problem, to give way to a phase of reflection, research and ending with the active phase in which students propose ideas to initiate social change to the problem proposed. To exemplify these proposals, the nursery, 2nd grade and 4th grade teachers told us what their radio projects consisted of, showing real photos and podcasts recorded by the students. Finally, another teacher from the center explained that it is not necessary to have a large radio team to implement this innovative proposal, a recorder or a simple mobile can be enough to begin to create the magic of the reflective and critical spirit of the students through the waves.

With this dissemination activity Los Albares school, as a member of this European Project, aims to promote active citizenship and the inclusion of the radio as a versatile and motivating resource among other schools .

Aprendemos sobre la huella de carbono.

Los alumnos y alumnas de 4º de primaria han investigado sobre la huella de carbono y a través de este podcast nos dan algunas ideas sobre lo que podemos hacer para reducir nuestra huella de carbono. ¡Anímate a escucharles! ¿Tú qué haces para cuidar el medio ambiente? Nos gustaría que compartieras con nosotros qué haces en tu vida diaria para que cuidar la Tierra. https://next.europeanschoolradio.eu/es/podcast/1962